What’s up with the little packet of flower food that comes with my cut flowers?

This little packet of flower food can be your friend or your enemy. It contains a floral preservative which can help hydrate your fresh flowers and help them last longer. Bacteria growth in the vase commonly kills off flowers prematurely, and this flower food packet helps prevent this by killing bacteria in the water. But, there is a catch.

Why we can’t answer “How long will those flowers last?”, and how to increase the life of your flowers

A common question we are asked here at Grande Flowers is “how long will those flowers last?”. Unfortunately, an honest answer is not the answer customers want to hear. Many different factors affect the life of cut flowers. The same cut flowers may last longer in my home than in your home, or vice versa. Here are some deciding factors that affect the life of cut flowers.

What does “Standard”, “Deluxe” and “Premium” mean?!

Most of our arrangements are available in three sizes. The arrangement you see in the picture is a “standard” version. You can choose to upgrade your arrangement by selecting either the “deluxe” or “premium” option. By upgrading your arrangement, we will add more flowers so the arrangement is a little larger and/or fuller.

Top 10 Reasons Why Grande Flowers Is Still Going Strong

Grande Flowers Celebrates 5 Years of Ownership!!
Top 10 Reasons Why Grande Flowers is Still Going Strong

“I hate lilies because of that strong smell” – Beating the Myth

When someone is placing an order here at our shop, it makes us so sad to hear the words “please don’t use any of those smelly lilies”. The fact is not all lilies smell. There are many lilies that have no smell at all. Allow us to educate you on this common myth.

Grande Flowers Welcomes Fall

Fall is here and with it brings homecoming dances. This year, we are supporting our first charity that is special to the students and faculty at Whitefish Bay High School. It is called “H20 Water for Life” which will provide running water, working toilets, and clean drinking water for a school in New Dehli, India.

Welcome to our new website!

We are very excited to introduce our new and improved site which will offer you more choices, give you the opportunity to learn about us, get a customized quote and so much more.

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