What’s up with the little packet of flower food that comes with my cut flowers?

This little packet of flower food can be your friend or your enemy. It contains a floral preservative which can help hydrate your fresh flowers and help them last longer. Bacteria growth in the vase commonly kills off flowers prematurely, and this flower food packet helps prevent this by killing bacteria in the water. But, there is a catch. If you don’t follow the instructions of how much water to combine with the flower food, it can actually hurt your flowers. If you don’t measure out the exact amount of water suggested on the packet, you are better off not using it at all. Too much flower preservative will burn out your flowers, and too little flower preservative offers no benefit at all. If you choose not to properly measure the solution, you are better off not using the packet of food at all. Instead, just change the water often to minimize bacteria growth. Please remember Grande Flowers can provide you with gallons of water that is already mixed properly, so you don’t even have to measure!

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